RNAi Delivery Technology

Triphos's siRNA delivery technology is specifically designed to avoid the physical size and bioavailability problems inherent in the Liposome/cationic-lipid approach. The technology is non-cytotoxic, delivers to the entire cell population and all cell-types tested, and is dramatically smaller than a liposomal based delivery system.

The TriPhos Therapeutics biocompatible phosphate modifications are reversed by intracellular mechanisms to return functional phosphodiesters. The cross-functional technology is independent of sequence and integrates into RNAi, miRNA, LNA and antisense designs. The constructs have demonstrated activity in RNAi model systems and can reduce phosphate charge by >50% without effecting solubility or duplexation profiles.  These small inhibitory ribonucleic neutral molecules siRNN are based off of the ground breaking research developed at Traversa Therapeutics. 

The company has proven the technology to provide improved pharmacokinetics, distribution and bioavailability over other methods. The technology supports delivery to primary and tumor cells, T cells, B cells, Macrophage, neuronal cells and human stem cells, where other approaches have failed.

Drug Delivery

  • Significantly improved target specificity                  
  • Greater efficacy with fewer side effects​
  • Reduced drug discovery timelines
  • Faster response to pandemic infection​
  • New drugs for rare or difficult to treat diseases

About Us

Triphos Therapeutics, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of RNAi Delivery Technologies. The Company strives to rapidly advance short interfering RNA (siRNA) platform delivery technologies for use by RNAi therapeutic companies in targeting a wide variety of acute, chronic and infectious human diseases. 

Triphos Therapeutics is focused on the optimization of this platform delivery technology, as well as advancement of its own therapeutic programs for the treatment of genetic diseases.

The Company was founded in San Diego, California in 2011, by Scott Petersen, Ph.D.,  relating to siRNA delivery technology and induction of RNA Interference (RNAi).

"Delivering Oligonucleotides as Phosphotriesters"